Sunday, February 24, 2013


This job was completed in the Village of Pinehurst close to two years ago. We have just recently completed some other work here. I will post pictures soon if you would like to come back and take a peak.

Simple stretcher rowlock flowing with the driveway. ( **Note: All this work done with Pathway Pavers)

45 Degree Herring Bone pattern on all the sidewalks, excluding a center piece you will view soon.

This is the center piece radius I referred to, which is a basket weave pattern .

Our crew did complete the steps as well

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Outdoor Fireplace, Flagstone Patio

This project was done for  good friends of our family. This was a special project for the crew to work on: It serves as a memorial for the late Cindy Davis, a loving wife, and mother. She was battling pancreatic cancer, but passed on December 8, 2012. Our prayers and thoughts are with the entire Davis family, and will continue to be.

A note to who may view this: On behalf of RK Masonry, I would like to personally thank the Davis family for allowing us to create something that stands for such a great purpose. This is no ordinary project, it is a memorial to celebrate a very special woman's life. Thank-you for letting us share this with you all. It will hold a special place in everyone who worked on this memorial. I would also like to say thank-you to Mary-Francis Tate, of Gardens by Design; who orchestrated this design beautifully.

We decided to give the joints of the flagstone a vintage-finished detail. (Similar to a Rope Joint)

Cindy requested the fireplace be positioned in sight of her favorite view from the house, looking out.

Crew Members (Right to Left): Jon Boyer, Patrick Kujawski

The earlier pictures did not have the mantle piece- It was hand crafted  with the remains of a pine tree that originally stood just feet from the fireplace.

Crew Members (Right to Left): Rick Kujawski, Jon Boyer, Chris Scales

The walks/step-paths were not planned from the start; however, they really welcome guests to enjoy the outdoor living space.

Credit for the Flagstone can be given to this guy.

There were some showers that day, pop-up tent came in handy! There are more pictures of these walkways to come, soon.

The mantel seen here is a temporary template we made. I will  post more pics soon with the actual mantel.